VersaCAMM, the most popular wide-format inkjet printer for sign and durable graphics users around the word, has been reborn with superior performance to meet the needs of sign and graphics professionals. The VersaCAMM VS-i series features the new high density ECO-SOL MAX2 ink available in CMYKLcLm, white, metallic and Light Black, a range of usability enhancements to improve ease of use, world leading integrated contour cutting, and of course, exceptional print quality rivaling that of a high end machine. Go beyond your imagination and turn your ideas into reality with the exceptional quality and greater versatility of the new VersaCAMM VS-i.

Versatile Performance that Powers Your Imagination


Exceptional print quality befitting a high-end machine

The VS-i series delivers the level of print quality sought by graphics professionals. It is equipped with the latest high performance print head, which fires droplets of seven different sizes to optimize image quality for the specific media and print resolutions selected. The VS-i achieves incredibly high resolution rivaling that of high-end machines thanks to precise head control, which maximizes the potential of the print head and ink.Enlarge your print business and make more profit with vibrant, colorful and detailed results from the Versa-CAMM VS-i series.


ECO-SOL MAX2 delivers incredibly sharp image quality

ECO-SOL MAX2 is a new generation of Roland’s award-winning eco-solvent ink, featuring outstanding long term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad media support and a wide color gamut – all with no nickel compounds. ECOSOL MAX2 is engineered for stable, consistent output, and produces vibrant colors with sharp images and text. These enhancements bring out every detail for the highest print quality.




Monochrome printing with excellent gray balance

VersaCAMM VS-i supports the new light black (Lk) ECO-SOL MAX2 ink, providing highly accurate colors and seamless gradations. With light black, you can achieve a neutral gray for smooth gray scale gradations and precise photographic images, or produce natural, smooth reproduction of skin tones containing light and medium hues. Light black also assists with accurate color reproduction for corporate branding material, such as clothing or cosmetic promotions.


White and metallic printing produces profitable new applications


The standard mode of the new VS-i series can match the image quality of its predecessor’s high quality mode, achieving approximately 1.5 times faster production speed for printing with white. Vibrant full color prints are possible not only with transparent film but also for deep color elements, thanks to the increased density of the new white ink. In standard mode, the new metallic ink also makes it possible for the VS-i to reproduce the image density of the previous models’

high quality mode, while delivering approximately 2 times faster productions speed.


Cut any shape with advanced Print & Cut technology

The VS-i series features Roland’s renowned Print & Cut technology, which prints and automatically contour cuts images into any shape in one seamless workflow. This enables production of versatile applications ranging from window graphics, floor signage, POP, stickers, vehicle decals and apparel heat transfers.

The VS-i also introduces a new function for fine adjustment of cutting positions, which minimizes mistakes during the cutting process. Adjustments can be made by 0.01 mm for more accurate cutting results. The optional media take- up unit (TU-2) also automatically collects Print & Cut graphics for unattended operation.



Select the best ink configuration for your business

The new VS-i offers a choice of ink configurations, available in 8, 7 and 4 colors to suit your use and objectives, including white or metallic silver ink for producing value-added applications, and light black
ink which is perfect for monochrome printing,and highly accurate color reproduction.

Model VS-640i VS-540i VS-300i
Printing Technology Piezoelectric inkjet
Media Width 210 to 1,625mm (8.3 to 64 in.) 210 to 1,371mm (8.3 to 54 in.) 182 to 762mm (7.2 to 30 in.)
Thickness Maximum 1.0 mm (39 mil) with liner, for printing Maximum 0.4mm (16 mil)with liner and 0.22mm(9 mil) without liner,for cutting
Roll outer diameter Maximum 210mm (8.3 in.)
Roll Weight Maximum 40kg (88 lbs.) Maximum 30kg(66 lbs) Maximum 25kg(55 lbs)
Core Diameter 76.2mm (3 in.) or 50.8mm (2 in.)
Printing/Cutting Width*2 Maximum 1,600mm (63 in.) Maximum 1346mm (53 in.) Maximum 736 mm(29 in.)
Ink Cartridges Types 440-cc cartridge (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black)
220-cc cartridge (metallic silver, white)
Colors Seven Colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black)
Eight Colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, white)
Eight Colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, metallic silver)
Eight Colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, metallic silver, white)
Four Colors(cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
Printing Resolution(dpi) Maximum 1440 dpi