Roland’s MPX-90 desktop impact printer is a powerful personalization device for applications ranging from industrial marking to jewelry engraving. With the ability to imprint both flat and curved surfaces across a wide range of materials, the MPX-90 is Roland’s most versatile impact printer to date. The MPX-90 offers 2.5 times the imprinting power of previous models to create exceptionally sharp text, monograms, graphics and photos onmetallic surfaces. A new work table design allows you to mark items of virtually any length. The MPX-90 beautifully personalizes jewelry, dog tags, key chains and pens and is among the industry’s most cost effective industrial marking tools for serial number plates, data plates and more. Designed for ease of use, the MPX-90 fits on your desktop and comes complete with design software.

Explore New Business Opportunities with our Most Powerful, Versatile Impact Printer Ever

A unique way to add text, monograms and photos

Based on the Roland Photo Marking System (RPMS), the MPX-90 uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus to imprint on a wide range of surfaces including harder metals such as iron, titanium, stainless steel, gold, silver and platinum. It can also be used to imprint resins including acrylic. This innovative system strikes the surface to be marked with high speed and precision to reproduce the most delicate gradations of your original design.

No daily maintenance is required.

Add Text and graphics with high speed and precision

The MPX-90 does not burn or remove material on impact for a clean operation free of odor and debris The MPX-90 is a high-speed imprinting device supporting four imprinting modes: Text mode, Photo mode, High Density mode for detailed letters and illustrations, and Vector mode for linear letters and outlines. With 2.5 times the imprinting force of

the previous model, the MPX-90 can imprint even the smallest text and images clearly on textured surfaces.

Imprint both small and large items

The MPX-90 features a work area of 80mm x 80mm (3.1” x 3.1”) and accepts items as thick as 40mm (1.5”). Its redesigned work table allows you to insert items of virtually any length. The MPX-90 includes a center vise to secure pens and other round items onto the work table.

Imprintable Material Gold, silver, copper, platinum, brass, aluminium, iron, stainless steel etc (Vickers hardness [HV] of the printing surface must be 200 or less.)
Loadable material size Maximum 100mm (width) x200mm (length) x40mm (thickness), or 200mm (width) x100mm (length) x40mm (thickness) (3.9 in. x 7.9 in.x 1.5 in.) or (7.9 in.x 3.9 in.x1.5 in.)
Printing Material 80mmx80mm (3.1 in. x 3.1 in.)
Resolution 529 dpi (high resolution), 353 dpi (photo), 265 dpi (text), 1058 dpi (Vector)