How fast can you print without sacrificing quality? Meet the SOLJET PRO4 XF-640, Roland’s fastest printer ever. Featuring the industry’s latest print head technology, the XF-640 delivers exceptional image quality at high speeds. Durable construction and advanced media handling systems stabilize every movement of the printer for flawless imaging. Powerful RIP software automates the workflow for easy operation and reliable results. With the XF-640, the ultimate in performance and precision come together in one ironclad production platform, a great profit centre for your business.

High-speed performance, remarkable image quality


Exceptional imaging for the most demanding environments

Staggered head configuration accelerates production

The XF-640 features dual print heads that are based on the industry’s most advanced inkjet technology and positioned in a staggered formation to maximise your productivity. This unique design allows the XF-640 to achieve a maximum speed of 102 m2/h for banner printing, two and a half times the speed of the previous model. * To capture every nuance of your design, each head fires precise droplets in seven different sizes. From signs and banners to vehicle graphics, POP and wraps of all kinds, the XF-640 delivers exceptional results throughout the longest production runs. *SOLJET PRO III XJ-640


Dual CMYK mirrored print heads image beautifully in high-speed mode

The XF-640 delivers superior image quality and high density coverage even at top speed. The mirrored CMYK ink configuration applies the ink in the same order across both passes for even colour reproduction, virtually free of banding.

High-density ECO-SOL MAX2 ink ensures vivid colour reproduction

Based on award winning Roland ink technology, ECO-SOL MAX2 is our newest and most advanced eco-solvent formulation to date. ECO-SOL MAX2 ink adheres strongly to a variety of coated and uncoated media for rich, saturated colours and sharp images. Formulated to dry quickly, ECO-SOL MAX2 offers outstanding long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance and a wide colour gamut – all without any nickel compounds.



Durable construction ensures reliable results

New rock-solid rail and frame support precise colour imaging

The XF-640 is built to last, with a powerful AC servo motor designed for volume production. Its reinforced rail and frame structure provides a firm foundation for smooth operation and outstanding image quality in high-speed mode. For added precision, the XF-640 features 16 pinch rollers and redesigned grit rollers which hold media securely in place, preventing any signs of distortion.

Redesigned take-up system handles volume production

With the XF-640, we have redesigned the take-up system for high speed, volume production. Two rigid shafts hold heavy rolls reliably in place for flawless media feeding. A new dancer roller assembly applies just the right level of tension to move media precisely through the printer. An all-new optional heater and blower unit ensures even temperature distribution across the entire width of the media, for prints that dry quickly at high speed.



Intelligent design and automated features for easy operation

A host of advanced features make set up and maintenance a breeze

The XF-640 is easy to set up and operate. A redesigned front-loading ink cartridge unit facilitates ink placement while minimising the functional printer footprint. A latched maintenance cover protects the print head assembly and opens automatically at the touch of a button for cleaning. With the XF-640, media loading levers are positioned in both the front and back for maximum convenience. Special media brackets support even the heaviest media rolls as they are loaded into place, and adjustable media holders on both sides of the take-up system support the narrowest of rolls.

Printing technology Piezoelectric inkjet
Media Width 10.2 to 64 in. (259 to 1625 mm)
Thickness Maximum 39 mil (1.0 mm) with liner
Roll diameter Maximum 8.3 in (210 mm)
Roll Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Core Diameter1 3 in (76.2 mm) or 2 in (50.8 mm)
Printing Width2 Max. 63.6 in. (1615 mm)
Ink Cartridges Type Roland ECO-SOL MAX 2 INK
Capacity 440 cc
Print resolution Maximum 1,440 dpi